Of One Republic and vacation


“I know I could lie but I’m telling the truth

Wherever I go there’s a shadow of you

I know I could try looking for something new

But wherever I go, I’ll be looking for you”

-Wherever I go, One Republic

If you’ve seen the video of the new One Republic song I quoted above, you’ll understand what I’m going to talk about. When people come back from vacation, they usually talk about new things- visions and ideas that were novel to them- I experienced a different kind of pleasure from this summer’s travel. I saw myself… in the velvet-like plains of tea, in the skyscrapers, in the colors of the fish that swam at Aquaria, in all the temples that I saw. Happiness lies in loving yourself for who you are, and knowing oneself is a business that spans over a lifetime. So just like the man in the video who starts a flash mob at his workplace, travelling is an escape from the rut I was escaped in.

I am an unfinished puzzle and the pieces are lying all over the world. Wherever I go, I find those pieces and I become a little more complete.

I guess I’ve developed wanderlust. Here’s to travelling! Cheers! ^_^


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