My Neighbour Totoro- Movie review


Watching this wonderful Miyazako creation, I felt like I was diving
into a Roald Dahl novel. With adorable, original characters, My
Neighbour Totoro took me on a journey to the little me, the little
Aisha. The kid who believed in imagination and that something Unseen was
saving me. Something that was only mine. Although the movie
was idyllic and slow with a not-so-amazing plot, and I haven’t
read or watched anything from the ‘Children’s’ genre for a long
time, I still felt like focusing my attention was rewarding in the

Satsuki and Mei are cute little girls and how they love each other
through the ups and downs made me smile. Satsuki tries to be a
constant support for Mei and Mei’s incessant imitation of Satsuki’s
words shows she depends on her supervision and love. These
free spirited girls roam around and explore the forest around
their new house and going on this adventure would remind
everyone of that childhood curiosity we all contain. The movie is
usually silent which makes one sink deeper into the scenery and
characters. Totoro is an intriguing monster at first but the girls
very quickly create a bond with him which is almost intuitive. The
magical part of the whole thing and the BFG feels reminded me of
the power of imagination and how it defines us in times of distress.

If you’re looking for a movie with a roller-coaster ride kind of plot,
you may not like this. The real pull of this movie is the lull and
charms of childhood fantasies, which it excellently portrays.


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