A to de


Hi guys! I’ll be putting up my art on this blog when I get the urge to draw. Drawing and coloring is incredibly therapeutic! A to de is Japanese for ‘Leave for later’, this is a gentle reminder for all those suffering from depression. No, you are NOT procrastinating, you are caring for yourself. Depression corrodes our self esteem so much that we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s okay to take a break, believe me, you will come out stronger after the break.
May you all find inner peace!


4 thoughts on “A to de

  1. Traditional Japanese repair their pottery by applying a gold filler at the cracks. The art form is call Kintsugi, and in philosophy it depicts the history or antiquity of the object. Exhibiting reseliance, the storms it faced and survived. Thus instead of hiding, they let those cracks enhance the beauty of the object, by filling with gold. The essence; harrd times are the beauty of life, giving it real meaning. There is no need to regret about past, and no need to worry about the future. In the moment one let’s oneself lose from these worries, a heavenly bliss takes control.

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