Wade not when you have a boat

Photo courtesy: seewhatinspires.tumblr.com

I couldn’t breathe, I was drowning, grasping air for support. Sinking, thrashing in the world’s turmoil. I held so tightly the twig I found in my way, all the while thrashing in the water, struggling to breathe. “Why do you wade, my child?”, a voice called out and I lost my hold on the beloved twig. I could see my death. I could see my end when suddenly, a boat appeared and the voice said, “Why do you wade, my child, if I have a boat for you?”

Sometimes we hold on to toxic, unhealthy relationships and people because we think that they are the twig and we will drown without them but God has given us a boat to live through these thrashing waves. Trust your instincts, trust your soul. Your boat is your soul. You need nothing else.


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